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CD - Customer Service

Please note availability and despatch time frames on the main product page for each item. Note that these despatch times are a guide only and are subject to stock availability. When items are deleted or become unavailable, you will be notified via email and the item will be removed from the site.

You will be notified via email when your order or part of your order is being sent out.
If paying by credit card - in most cases your card will be charged the order total on the day your order (or first part of your order) is being sent out.
If items become unavailable or you wish to cancel your order, your card or PayPal charge will be refunded accordingly.


CD Online lists a unique catalogue of over 120,000 items available from large and small distributors within Australia as well as a number of imports. In order to provide this vast amount of titles, CD Online does not stock all items at any one time. Items need to be ordered in according to customer order and demand. Most mainstream titles from the larger distributors are most likely to ship within shipping times as stated on our site, whereas the smaller and independent distributors may not have their full inventory in stock and may need to re-manufacture or import new stock of some titles- therefore resulting in a longer turnaround time.

CD Online and its suppliers are not always alerted by the distributors on stock levels or notified promptly on when a title has been discontinued. With the sheer amount of product listed on this site of both mainstream and lesser mainstream titles, it is likely that occasionally delays will occur. CD Online will endeavour to update the site as soon as any such information comes to hand.


If ordering multiple items, your order may be sent out in seperate parts. As shipping times may be quoted differently for each item it will not affect your whole order. Items in stock will be sent swiftly while items not in stock will be sent out as the item comes into stock.

Postage is charged by weight. View the cart for more information on postage and handling charges.

To order items, click the "Add To Cart" button. Delivery costs are calculated automatically. Once you have added all your selected items to the cart, click the "Checkout" button in the shopping cart and enter your details into the secure order form. will confirm your order by immediate email when you place your order. Delivery of each item is subject to its availability on the day your order is placed. It has to be sourced, packed and despatched. If some items are not available immediately, your order may be delivered in different parts (at no extra charge).

A despatch notification email is sent (to the email address you have provided in the order form) on the day of despatch. If ordering by credit card, your card will be charged the order total on the day your order (or first part of your order) is being sent out. If items become unavailable or you wish to cancel your order, your card will be refunded accordingly.
See Terms & Conditions for more information.


To contact us about your order or to get an update, please email us
Please state your order number. If you are not sure of your order number, please state the date of your order and which title(s) you are querying.

We are most likely to reply swiftly during business hours (EST). Although email queries are monitored throughout the day, we cannot follow up definatively outside of business hours as we may need to gather some information from the suppliers and distributors.

( Tip: Polite and courteous queries are gladly welcomed and will always be answered swiftly. )


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