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Various Artists - The World Is A Monster - Lonesome, Blue And Jump Jivin' Hillbillies From The Columbia Vault (1948 -1958) CD, Hillbilly | CD Online
Various Artists
The World Is A Monster - Lonesome, Blue And Jump Jivin' Hillbillies From The Columbia Vault (1948 -1958)

GENRE: Hillbilly
RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2010
BARCODE: 9326425804995
ITEM ID: OMNI140_1 - CD0114399367

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Out of the ashes of World War II, post-war Corporate U.S.A would sully its hands with anything in search of a buck. Heck, even Hillbilly music... Here, for the first time, are 32 of the grimiest, most delicious slabs of Hillbilly misery and mayhem to grace the Columbia Records imprint. From the Rhinestone Noir of Rocky Porter's 'The World Is A Monster' and Johnny Bond's 'All I Can Do Is Cry' to the proto-feminist declaration of Polly Possum's 'Don't Talk To Me About Men' and the proto-punk loser's lament of The Maddox Brothers 'Ugly And Slouchy'. More tears in your beer than you can count, more kick in your heels than a regiment of cavalry. Remastered with love and care from the original Columbia tapes in a deluxe collector's edition with rare photos and memorabilia. Remastered 2010 from the original Columbia master tapes! Deluxe packaging, 20 page full colour booklet with scholarly liner notes, rare photos, posters, original covers, memorabilia etc. 32 track CD! All original recordings! Most tracks only ever sighted before on rare 78s! Australian Exclusive Release

Australian Exclusive Release


1. Rocky Porter - The World Is A Monster
2. Johnny Bond and His Red River Valley Boys - All I Can Do Is Cry
3. Andy Reynolds & His 101 Ranch Boys - Beer Bottle Mama
4. Neal Jones - I'm Playing It Cool
5. Johnny Hicks - Pick Up Blues
6. Freddie Hart - Blue
7. Billy Walker - The Record
8. Johnny Hicks - Rainy Night Blues
9. Bobby Lord - I'm The Devil Who Made Her That Way
10. Jimmy Johnson - Throwing My Life Away
11. Paul Howard & His Cotton Pickers - Drinking All My Troubles Away
12. Carl Story - What A Line
13. Little Jimmy Dickens - Me And My Big Loud Mouth
14. The Maddox Brothers - Ugly And Slouchy
15. Billy Walker - I Can't Keep The Girls Away
16. George Morgan - A Shot In The Dark
17. Jimmy Littlejohn - No Parking Here
18. Jimmy Murphy - Here Kitty Kitty
19. Smiley Maxedon - Red Hot Mama And An Ice Cold Beer
20. The Tunesmiths - Oh Stop!
21. Frankie Miller - Hey! Where Ya Goin?
22. Charlie Adams - I'm A Railroad Daddy
23. Polly Possum and Joe Wolverton with The Dog Patch Boys - Don't Talk To Me About Men
24. Charlie Adams - Pistol Packin' Mama Laid Her Pistol Down
25. Ray Price - Much Too Young To Die
26. Carl Smith - There's A Bottle Where She Used To Be
27. Chuck Wells - The Barroom Girl
28. Jimmy Johnson - I've Lived A Lot In My Time
29. The Country Boys - Bud's Bounce
30. Jack Rhodes & His Lone Star Buddies - Eternity
31. Freddie Hart - The Wall
32. Rose Maddox - When The Sun Goes Down

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Various Artists
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