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Flowers / Icehouse - Icehouse (Deluxe Anniversary Edition) 2CD+DVD, Pop | CD Online
Flowers / Icehouse
Icehouse (Deluxe Anniversary Edition)

ERA: 80's
RELEASE DATE: May 20, 2011
PACKAGING: 2CD + DVD 3 Panel Digipak
BARCODE: 00602527707532
ITEM ID: DIVAU100130_1 - CD0114431480

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FLOWERS / ICEHOUSE - ICEHOUSE (Deluxe Anniversary Edition) 2CD+DVD

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The debut album was released in 1980 when the band was known as Flowers. 2011 is the 30th Anniversary of the name change from Flowers to ICEHOUSE, an event driven by the band's expansion into overseas territories where the Flowers moniker was already in use. The 30th Anniversary Edition is a lovingly compiled, vastly expanded edition featuring a wealth of previously unavailable material. Boasting the singles 'We Can Get Together', 'Can't Help Myself', 'Walls', 'Icehouse' (and later 'Love In Motion') - the ICEHOUSE album released back in 1980 went on to become one of the most successful debut albums of the era, spending over 45 weeks on the chart and achieving accreditation of over 4x platinum within months of its release. In addition to the original studio album (remastered, with 3 bonus tracks), this 30th Anniversary Edition will feature a 19-track, 75 minute disc of live recordings recorded for radio broadcast in different territories between February 1980 and November 1981. As well as the renditions of all tracks from the ICEHOUSE album, the Live disc includes incendiary versions of Iggy Pop's 'Funtime', The Easybeats' 'Sorry', John Lennon's 'Cold Turkey; and Ultravox's 'Man Who Dies Every Day'. Also included in this stunningly presented 3 Disc set is a DVD of exceedingly rare live footage. The DVD includes 5 live tracks from Flowers appearance at Sweetwaters Music Festival (NZ) in 1981, an interview with Iva Davies prior to that performance and a collection of vintage Countdown TV appearances from the era. The set also includes previously unseen photographs, images and memorabilia - in addition to brand new liner notes from Iva Davies.


Disc 1 : Cd - Original Album + Bonus Tracks
1. Icehouse
2. We Can Get Together
3. Fatman
4. Sister
5. Walls
6. Can't Help Myself
7. Skin
8. Sons
9. Boulevarde
10. Nothing To Do
11. Not My Kind
12. Send Somebody
13. All The Way
14. Paradise Lost (Instrumental)
15. Love In Motion (Original Single Mix) - Bonus Track
16. Goodnight Mr Matthews (B-side To 'love In Motion') - Bonus Track
17. Can't Help Myself (Original 10" Single Mix) - Bonus Track

Disc 2 : Cd - Live Disc
1. Boulevarde
2. Funtime (Iggy Pop)
3. The Man Who Dies Every Day (Ultravox)
4. Fatman
5. Sorry (The Easybeats)
6. Cold Turkey (John Lennon)
7. We Can Get Together
8. Nothing To Do
9. Icehouse
10. Send Somebody
11. Sons
12. Skins
13. Walls
14. All The Way
15. Goodnight Mr Matthews
16. Love In Motion
17. Not My Kind
18. Sister
19. Can't Help Myself

Disc 3 : DVD
1. Sweetwaters Music Fesitval. New Zealand, 1981
2. Interview
3. Boulevarde
4. Waiting For The Man
5. Sister
6. Icehouse
7. Walls
8. Countdown Performances
9. Flowers To Icehouse
10. Can't Help Myself (15 June 1980)
11. Can't Help Myself (10 August 1980)
12. We Can Get Together (28 Sept 1980)
13. We Can Get Together (2 November 1980)
14. Walls (8 Feb 1981)
15. Icehouse Countdown Awards (March 1981)
16. Humdrum (Molly Meldrum 12th July 1981)
17. Love In Motion 25th October 1981)

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Flowers / Icehouse

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